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narry ficathon

Because Narry pool dates and also this (1 2 3 4)


  • All prompts must contain Harry/Niall. Harry/Niall/Other, Genderswap and AU prompts are totally acceptable.

  • Anon prompts/fills accepted

  • Please warn for common triggers (if you're not sure, just ask!)

  • One prompt per comment but please feel free to submit multiple prompts!

  • Multiple fills encouraged!

  • You can post on AO3, tumblr or your personal LJ but please link it back here.

  • Be nice. Have fun.

  • Feel free to promote this wherever you want, but do not send the link to anyone in 1D or associated with 1D.

Living It Up While I'm Going Down (AO3) - Harry and niall are trapped in an elevator so they fuck to pass the time
lives by the sea - harry is an ageless yet playful and soft-hearted dragon whose life revolves around niall. run with it.
I'm leaving out the whistles and bells - Harry is a flop
win your heart with a woop-a-woo - narry pool dates

I'm leaving out the whistles and bells (7/7)

Liam is lying on his own bed as Niall returns that night, holding his phone above him, his face illuminated in the cold blue glow. “Hello,” he says.

“Hi back,” Niall replies, kicking his shoes off and flopping onto his own bed. The door reopens and Harry’s face appears; Niall motions him to come in, shrugging his shoulders as if to say, “Whatever.”

Harry lies down in front of Niall, who pulls him in like a toy.

“Good news,” Liam says, smiling widely, “Dani and I are back together. So you two can keep doing your little single-pringle day off thing, yeah?”

Harry and Niall stare at each other. “Er, yeah,” Niall finally says, “I guess we can.”

“Happy for you, mate,” Harry says, reaching his hand into Niall’s boxers. “Really am. She’s good for you.” He pauses around Niall’s sharp intake of breath. “And good for us, too,” he finishes quietly.

Niall can’t say no to that.


:) I'm crossposting this to AO3; the link is here:

I hope you liked that, OP! I certainly had fun writing it!!


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