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narry ficathon

Because Narry pool dates and also this (1 2 3 4)


  • All prompts must contain Harry/Niall. Harry/Niall/Other, Genderswap and AU prompts are totally acceptable.

  • Anon prompts/fills accepted

  • Please warn for common triggers (if you're not sure, just ask!)

  • One prompt per comment but please feel free to submit multiple prompts!

  • Multiple fills encouraged!

  • You can post on AO3, tumblr or your personal LJ but please link it back here.

  • Be nice. Have fun.

  • Feel free to promote this wherever you want, but do not send the link to anyone in 1D or associated with 1D.

Living It Up While I'm Going Down (AO3) - Harry and niall are trapped in an elevator so they fuck to pass the time
lives by the sea - harry is an ageless yet playful and soft-hearted dragon whose life revolves around niall. run with it.
I'm leaving out the whistles and bells - Harry is a flop
win your heart with a woop-a-woo - narry pool dates

I'm leaving out the whistles and bells (4/6? idek anymore)

By the time they get to Boston Niall has figured out his plan of attack. They’re staying in the Four Seasons in the middle of the city, overlooking a big park, and Niall spends a few minutes on Liam’s laptop in their room after the show deciding where to go and how to get there. He wonders if it would be wise to take the train to the club, but decides against it as someone figures out where they’re staying from a single instagram picture and starts tweeting at Louis. He throws on a hooded jumper and some sunglasses and heads toward the door. Liam sighs as he leaves; “I’ll miss you,” he calls after Niall, and Niall blows him a kiss on the way out.

Harry looks confused as he opens his door. “I’m taking you out,” Niall says, and he can’t help but smirk at how Harry blushes.

“Where to?” asks Harry, getting a jumper of his own and a hat.

“Surprise,” Niall says, and Louis in the background shouts a laugh; Niall grabs Harry by the wrist and takes off running down the corridor to the emergency exit stairs. They convince a doorman to let them sneak out the back by promising a picture for his daughter, and hail a cab on the corner, none of the small throng of girls on the corner any the wiser.

Niall has a moment of self doubt in the cab as he wonders if Harry will like the band playing (some indie group he’s never heard of, to be honest), but gets over it quickly enough as they pull up to the club and Harry smiles audibly. “Wicked,” he says, “I love this band.” Niall is proud of himself.

An hour later, he’s a bit less proud, as it turns out he can’t really get into this kind of ambient noise and he’s feeling a bit constricted in a dark room packed with people. Harry’s still grinning on the dance floor though, so he squeezes his shoulder and heads off towards the bar. He remembers belatedly that he’s still not old enough here for alcohol, and grabs a cup of water instead, turning around to survey the place. It’s nice to be in a high-energy concert where no one recognizes them. It’s nice to just sit and think and listen to music and watch Harry throw his hands in the air and dance along to music. He bobs his head along to the music and watches people pass by until they start to play a riff that he recognizes. Has this band had a radio hit? Yeah, he definitely knows this song. He crushes his water cup and tosses it and heads back into the throng, pushing through people until he gets to Harry, whose eyes are closed; he claps him on the back and then turns it into a weird sidehug. “I know this song!” he shouts, and Harry’s eyes fly open.

“You know this song?”

“I know this song! I know this song!”

Harry’s smile explodes across his face and he shouts and grabs at everyone around them. “You hear that? My friend knows this song! He knows this song!”

The people around them don’t seem to care, but Harry kisses Niall on the cheek anyway, and then it’s Niall’s turn to blush. The band plays on.

He doesn’t know any of the rest of the songs, and he’s still not into the music, but the rhythm is enough to move to, even if Niall’s idea of dancing is wiggling around and shaking his hands. He’s having fun. And when he looks over at Harry, he can see he’s not alone.

He doesn’t bother to go back to his own room that night, just curls up behind Harry for the third time this tour and tucks himself in and hopes that in the morning he can will himself enough courage to pull out all the stops.


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