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narry ficathon

Because Narry pool dates and also this (1 2 3 4)


  • All prompts must contain Harry/Niall. Harry/Niall/Other, Genderswap and AU prompts are totally acceptable.

  • Anon prompts/fills accepted

  • Please warn for common triggers (if you're not sure, just ask!)

  • One prompt per comment but please feel free to submit multiple prompts!

  • Multiple fills encouraged!

  • You can post on AO3, tumblr or your personal LJ but please link it back here.

  • Be nice. Have fun.

  • Feel free to promote this wherever you want, but do not send the link to anyone in 1D or associated with 1D.

Living It Up While I'm Going Down (AO3) - Harry and niall are trapped in an elevator so they fuck to pass the time
lives by the sea - harry is an ageless yet playful and soft-hearted dragon whose life revolves around niall. run with it.
I'm leaving out the whistles and bells - Harry is a flop
win your heart with a woop-a-woo - narry pool dates

I'm leaving out the whistles and bells (3/??)

It’s pushing 38 celsius in Memphis and Harry has fallen asleep facedown in front of the air conditioning. Niall had been rubbing his back, so he knows he’s partly to blame. As Harry starts to snore, Niall pushes up off the ground and sneaks back to the room he’s sharing with Zayn. He needs professional advice for how to proceed.

Zayn’s not in the room and the bathroom door is shut, so Niall does the obvious thing and opens it. “Need some advice,” he says, and he’s not prepared for Perrie Edwards kneeling in front of the toilet sucking Zayn’s dick.

“Oh,” he says. “I can wait?”

“No, it’s alright,” Perrie says, coming up for air. “Hello, Niall.”

“It’s not alright,” Zayn complains. Perrie swats him. Niall has never seen Perrie nude before; she’s quite nice.

“I didn’t realize you were in the States,” Niall says, trying to carry a conversation and not stare at her tits or Zayn’s cock.

“It’s our anniversary,” she says. “What’s going on?”

Niall can’t remember. He’s overwhelmed. Oh, right; Harry. “Harry.”

Zayn turns to look into the mirror, examining his face. “What about him?”

“I’m trying to out-Harry Harry and I need help,” he says. “Louis is busy and Liam is depressed and I am not stooping so low as to ask Nick Grimshaw for help.”

Perrie laughs. She’s very beautiful. “I’m going to get dressed,” she tells Zayn. “Help him, or I’ll be forced to.”

Zayn pulls his pants back on and looks at Niall. “What do you mean by out-Harry Harry?”

Niall sits down in the bathtub. “He’s been doing little romantic things all tour, and I want to one-up him. Beat him at his own game. You know.”

“And then?” Zayn asks; not judgemental, but curious.

“And then,” Niall says, pausing; he hadn’t thought that far ahead. “And then do it again, I guess.”

“You in love with him?”

He considers. “Not sure I ever wasn’t, eh?”

Zayn nods. “We’ve all been there.”

“With Harry, or?”

“With everyone,” Zayn says. “With anyone. You’ve not really done this before, have you?”

“I’ve had people,” says Niall, looking down at his sock feet, growing damp from the tub. “I just-”

“Haven’t been in love with any of them, yeah?”

Zayn is right.

“So what do I do?”

Zayn shrugs, raises an eyebrow and waits.

“Nevermind. I know what to do,” Niall says. “Help me out of the tub.”

Perrie pokes her head back in the bathroom. “You figure it out then?” She’s just as fit with clothes on. Zayn’s a lucky bastard. “Come on, we’ve got dinner reservations, yeah?”

When they leave, Niall considers a wank, but he doesn’t want to fall asleep and wake up to them fucking in the bed next to him, so he heads over to Harry’s; he answers on the third or fourth knock, carpet lines pressed into his cheek from where he fell asleep on the floor.

“You left?” he asks, confused; he has obviously only just woken up.

“Had to talk to Zayn,” Niall explains. “Perrie’s here and they’re going out but they’ll probably want the room tonight...” He trails off hopefully, and Harry steps aside to let him in.

“Rude of them,” Harry says, tossing over a candy bar and hopping onto the only bed. “Share with me, we can watch porn and I’ll order you room service.”

“You’ll order me room service?” Niall asks incredulously. “You’re an excellent host, mister Styles. Shouldn’t waste that, should I.”

“Yes I am and no you shouldn’t.” Harry hands Niall the room service menu and turns on the flatscreen. “Seriously, though, anything you want. My treat.”

Niall regards him fondly. Harry’s cute when he’s trying to be casual and failing miserably. “I’ll have a steak, then, and a big-titted barebacked threesome if you can find one.”

Harry grins cheekily. “Anything for you.”

Harry finds something good on the telly- not quite a big-titted barebacked threesome, but close- and Niall’s steak is overdone but still good, and he nestles down into Harry’s bed and squeezes up against him. The porn gets him half-hard, and he can feel Harry press into him a little, as if trying to feel it but trying not to let Niall know. Niall smiles to himself and falls asleep with his chin cupped around Harry’s shoulder.


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