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narry ficathon

Because Narry pool dates and also this (1 2 3 4)


  • All prompts must contain Harry/Niall. Harry/Niall/Other, Genderswap and AU prompts are totally acceptable.

  • Anon prompts/fills accepted

  • Please warn for common triggers (if you're not sure, just ask!)

  • One prompt per comment but please feel free to submit multiple prompts!

  • Multiple fills encouraged!

  • You can post on AO3, tumblr or your personal LJ but please link it back here.

  • Be nice. Have fun.

  • Feel free to promote this wherever you want, but do not send the link to anyone in 1D or associated with 1D.

Living It Up While I'm Going Down (AO3) - Harry and niall are trapped in an elevator so they fuck to pass the time
lives by the sea - harry is an ageless yet playful and soft-hearted dragon whose life revolves around niall. run with it.
I'm leaving out the whistles and bells - Harry is a flop
win your heart with a woop-a-woo - narry pool dates

I'm leaving out the whistles and bells (5/6)

Harry’s aloof on the tour bus. This is alright with Niall, who’s feeling rather carsick from the bumps in the road along the interstate on the way to New York. The problem isn’t really the potholes, it’s the fact that he’s sitting on the edge of a seat cushion and Harry’s lounging across from him, texting, holding his phone above his face, and the way his head is tilted is giving Niall a very slight but very inconvenient boner. Zayn is shooting him knowing smirks and Niall really wants to clock him in the face. Louis has, several times, moved to put his head down in Niall’s lap, and Niall has had to gently shove him away, something he doesn’t feel too badly about when Louis starts complaining.

As they change lanes and start picking up speed around the traffic, Liam and Louis stand up to do some bus-surfing, and finally Zayn takes pity on Niall and plops down next to him. “Day off tonight.”

“A-yep,” Niall says.

“What are you two losers up to then?” Zayn’s pointed at Niall but his eyes are on Harry, whose fingers pause on his phone screen.

“Whatever do you mean?” Niall feigns ignorance, sort of. He can’t hide his grin very well.

“Oh, you know, whatever you get into when we’re off with our ladies,” Zayn says. “Your little dates.”

Harry is definitely paying attention now, as if waiting for Niall to deny it.

Niall nods. “Oh, right, our dates.” Harry twitches. “Well, we’ll be in New York tonight, so we could of course hit up some tourist traps, yeah?”

“Of course,” Zayn says. “But those might be a bit crowded, mate. Might want to go somewhere a bit quieter, since it’s only, what, your third date?” Zayn is a genius. Niall could kiss him.

“Depends on where you start counting from, eh? I mean we went out mostly as friends for a while but now it’s a little different, you know,” Niall says. Harry’s a little pink in the cheeks now.

“Are you talking about me?” Harry finally asks, and Niall and Zayn both laugh and deny it, and Harry smiles a little, almost shy. Then the bus hits a mighty pothole and Harry flops right off his seat and onto the floor.

As Harry picks himself up and stumbles to the bathroom with an “I have to wee,” Zayn pokes Niall in the stomach and leans in close.

“The problem with the both of you, right, is that you’re fucking oblivious. Neither of you understand what’s happening until you get slapped upside the head with it. So you’ve got to be obtuse and just say it out loud or he’ll never guess.”

Zayn is a genius. Niall won’t kiss him, but he appreciates it.

“Who’ll never guess what?” asks Liam as he and Louis sit down on top of them.

Zayn barks out a laugh and tackles Louis, and the whole thing devolves into three boys groping and grappling on the floor of a moving bus. Harry pokes his head out of the bathroom and locks eyes with Niall and Niall smiles at him, catching him off guard. He turns pink again and goes right back in the bathroom.


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